With over 30 years playing experience behind him there aren't many scenarios he has hasn't found himself in and one time or another so you can relax in the knowledge that all will be well on the gig!

Have a look at the various showreels on the video page or check out the social media links for more content.

What follows is some of the information you might want to know when hiring Graham as a dep.



It goes without saying that as an experienced dep Graham has large repertoire of songs and is constantly learning new material. Obviously charts are welcome as are mp3's if you're running to track. If it's a really last minute affair then fear not, Graham is expert at picking things up on the fly.



Graham uses Kiesel and Carvin guitars, Bogner amps and can draw upon an extensive collection of pedals to make up his board. He strives to produce the correct sound for the song as it is on the record or when not appropriate something that fits in with the arrangement. 

If your band runs a 'quiet' stage then Graham also has an Axe-Fx rig and IEM's ready to patch directly into your PA and monitoring system.



Having done everything from being a long haired metaller rocking out in front 10,000 strong audiences to sitting in the corner of a restaurant providing dinner jazz Graham is happy to give any degree of onstage presence. The same goes for his musical performance. Laid back, in the pocket? Fine. Full on shredding? Lovely. None of it's a problem but please be clear about what you require in this regard. Bands that suffer from a 'diffuse' management structure often issue contradictory instructions causing unnecessary stress on the gig.