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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is a collection of instrumental pieces which look both forwards to the future and back into the traditions of progressive music. 
Fans of Virgil Donati, Planet X, The Enid, Gong, National Health, Allan Holdsworth and more mainstream prog should all find something to love in Graham Young's unique compositional voice.

An album of jazzy dub largely improvised life in the studio along with a couple of precomposed tunes. Catchy melodies and moody atmospherics in turns.

The 2nd album from Graham's jazz fusion band the Urban Jazz Guerrillas. Hi-energy heavy fusion for those that prefer their jazz on the inpolite side

The 1st Urban Jazz Guerrillas album. Full of memorable tunes, killer grooves and all that other good stuff.

A mix of progressive and EDM music styles somewhat ahead of it's time.